WhartonBC’s cocreation meant a great partnership resulting in outcomes that are working and being bought into by the team

Senior HR Manager, Global Mining Company

Wharton BC helped us gain some really important and valuable insights and diagnostics, then worked proactively alongside us to develop hypotheses and actions to further strengthen our speak up culture. They added real value and were great to work with.

Steve Hannam, People Director, Saga

We really valued Wharton’s support during this testing time as we start to develop creative ways to engage with GPs and other healthcare professionals using remote technology. They carefully considered our needs, designing and delivering tailored workshops that our team could engage with

Senior Operations Manager, Health Professional Engagement Facilitation

Their service was really quite bespoke. They got underneath us, they understood where we are and then they tailored something that was really going to work for us

Dave Howell, Chief Auditor UK & International, RSA

We loved working with Wharton, they were very professional and easy to do business with. Wharton had a high level of accuracy in their playback, with great detail in the design and model. We also praise their level and quality of work in delivery, providing us with 8 models to consider.

HR Director, Automotive