An integrated learning ecosystem built around practice, coaching, conversation, and reflection. Fuse helps companies put learning at the heart of their organisational growth.

Fuse provide an innovative, mobile-first solution that has turned Learning & Development on its head. The Fuse platform allows companies to unlock the knowledge, skills and insights of their top-performing employees who then teach and engage their teams worldwide, cultivating best practices across the organisation.

Used by over 130 customers worldwide, Fuse’s unique blend of machine learning, AI and beautifully-designed tools seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems, while also supporting traditional learning content and courses.

We have partnered with Fuse to help large and fast-growing companies build a culture of continuous and flexible learning. This drives measurable improvements in business performance. Our partnership combines a complimentary set of skills and experiences to ensure Fuse implementation covers both technical and people components. The end result is an enhanced learning experience and sustainable employee adoption across your organisation.